About Us

Over the years, the crew here at 2nd Jetty never really learned how to sit still. There’s always a reason to buy that last-minute plane ticket, order that unpronounceable dish, and surf that sketchy reef-break a local told us about last night at the bar. Every time we follow that itch to move, our gang of vagrants inevitably surf and eat our hearts out. Only to stroll through airport security on the way home with worn-out flip flops, sun ravaged skin and smiles gleaming through chapped lips. As we nod off on the flight home, after the last of our savings goes to board-bag fees, we let the ocean-inspired flavors we’d just experienced stir up a collection of new ideas.Those ideas, those adventures, and those sensations are what ultimately made the dream of 2nd Jetty a reality. Born from a life-long pursuit of exotic flavors, great company, and unforgettable waves the crew at 2nd Jetty pride ourselves on bringing our search to your plate.